We still believe that nothing beats
The experience of being on the field

Live your soccer dream in First Kick Academy, which is organised for both trainee and coach. We conduct sports coaching courses and training programs for those who want to know everything about soccer. Our motive is to bring out the passion and belief from every individual. Besides training and coaching, we also organise the football camp for coming youth. Scroll down for more!











What our Customers say

FKA has a very nice down-to-earth atmosphere. I like that. And my son thinks the FKA coaches are lovely. When he first started he was an only child. He didn’t get many opportunities to share, so we thought soccer would be a good sport to pick up.
My son’s now starting to learn the differences between right and wrong, and how to behave in a team. He’s also better at taking instructions, and has learned self-discipline.



10 Bishan Street 13 Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Secondary School 579795
4 to 6 years old
4:00pm - 5:00pm
7 to 14 years old
4:00pm - 5:30pm

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What do you do with a mistake: recognize it, admit it, learn from it, forget it.

— Dean Smith —



The coaches of First Kick Academy comes from all walks of life and are not limited to professional soccer players. The soccer coaches have to go through an interview, an internal training module and OJT (on job training) before they can qualify to start coaching the kids. Most importantly, First Kick Academy chooses soccer coaches that are fun and passionate individuals that bring out the Academy’s beliefs.

The Internal Training Module is a specially designed course conducted by FKCD (First Kick Coaches Development). In F.K.C.D., the soccer coaches get to learn more about grassroot development and the different aspects of child development to help them understand how to best conduct a soccer training session. Besides training our own staff, F.K.C.D. also conduct coaches education for the public for those who are interested to know more about qualified soccer coaching.

Next Available Course

“Introduction to Youth Coaching” will be on 23rd to 25th Apr 2019 7-10pm conducted at The Ark @ Orchid Country Club



First Kick football camps are conducted during the June & December school holidays for children to have more training and playing time. This December, we are giving special coaching on how to become a TOP STRIKER! If you are thinking of Ronaldo, Messi & Salah, then join us and let us coach your child with a skill or two to make him a formidable striker. All our camps are 2 days, with each day starting from 9:00AM – 11:00AM.


“Sign up your child for our Super Strker Football camp to learn new skills, make new friends and score a hat-trick!”



How about soccer theme party for your child? First Kick organises soccer themed birthday parties for children from 4 to 14 years old. If you are interested in doing something special for your child and want to see the first reaction of it, why not try out our soccer themed birthday, which includes training to enhance skills of your child.

Book our coaches

“All birthday party bookings need to be confirm 2 weeks before.










Do Email us if you have further queries

How do I register ?

It’s easy to register online by visiting www.fka.sg. Select SIGN UP FOR FREE TRIAL button and select the best class and timing for your child. You should receive a confirmation reply once you have been successfully registered. If you do not, drop us an email at [email protected] or call our hotline +65 91010666.

What should my kids wear and what to bring for the lessons ?

Participants should wear comfortable clothes and indoor/turf soccer shoes or running shoes (soccer boots for outdoors are acceptable). Shin guards are not a necessity for the under 6 to 8 age category but it will be recommended for the under 10 and above age category. However if you are coming for the Trial Class it is not necessary to get it first, our advise is to get them once your child really want to join our weekly program which we hope he will! Yes and not forgetting the water bottle.

Who do I look for when I am there ?

You may look for our admin who is wearing a yellow shirt with our company logo in front or any of the coaches who are wearing a red jersey with our company logo in front too. If you do see a lot of kids than we should be there!

What if it rains on the trial date ?

Rain or shine the following centers will carry on as per normal: Punggol & Kovan. Why? Because it is indoor. However for the rest of the centers we will SMS updates with regards whether the session is cancelled 15 mins prior to the session. If the session is cancelled we reschedule your trial class to the next lesson.

Last week's class was cancelled due to rain. Do we get a make up class ?

Absolutely! Our general policy is to make up any classes that we are forced to cancel due to rain, haze, etc. For example, if we miss one week due to rain, we will add one extra week pass the originally scheduled ending date to make up for the missed class or we will pro-rated $35 off (1 sessions) from your next term course fees.

Are your coaches Certified ?

Yes, our Coaches are certified under our very own In-House Training Coaching Course which is specially designed to meet the necessary requirements to coach children. They follow our curriculum strictly and ensure that each week’s objective are met.

What is the age range in FKA ?

The age range is 4-14 years old. There will be grouped accordingly to their age group. Under 6s, Under 8s, Under 10s, Under 12s & 14s.

Can I join anytime or do I need to wait for the next intake ?

No, you do not have to wait. As our program is designed in a manner where most of the techniques would be revisited in the future terms. This is a developmental academy where practice makes perfect.

What is your coach to student ratio ?

We go by 1:8 (coaches to student ratio) for the under 6s, 1:10 for under 8s, 1:12 for the under 10, 1:15 for under 12/14s.

How long are the lessons ?

Class times varies by age group and range. For Ages 4 to 6, classes are 60 minutes (high energy,skill development, and fun). And for Ages 7 to 14, they will last for 90 minutes.

If I am not able to attend a particular lesson, will there be any make up class ?

Classes missed can be made-up provided we are informed first (Up to 2 make ups per term). Make ups must be completed within current term and cannot be carried forward to the next term. However if there is a legitimate medical reason up to 3 weeks with a Doctor’s note, then we will forward classes to the next term.
* Cash Refund cannot be given in place of make up.

If my child is advance, can he move up to the next class even if they are not old enough yet ?

Only with the coach’s permission! We typically ask that you attend the first class in the appropriate age group. Only after the coach has met your child and the children in both the current class and the next class up can they make an informed decision as to the children’s abilities, demeanor, physical size, and class sizes to determine what class would be best.

Can I pay as we go during the sessions ?

The entire session must be paid in full at the time of registration.

[email protected]

+65 9101 0666

1 Orchid Club Road #01-37
Orchid Country Club
Singapore 769162

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